To invert or not invert? That is the question…

After speaking with my doctor, inversion therapy was recommended. Some people, especially with back pain, can see a real difference after daily use of one of these tables. The main reason I was willing to try it though, was that using this table can help stretch my spine which in turn can possibly get me another couple degrees difference during surgery. And for that, I’ll try anything! We picked one up at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I started it that night.

Day 1-5

I will say it feels REALLY good to be stretched! I hang at a 60 degree angle and am only able to stay on it for 1-2 minutes because the blood rushes to my head and I look like a tomato and get dizzy. One thing I noticed even more in this position, is how contorted my rib cage is. One side sticks waaaaaay out while the other in lower and uneven. The good part only lasts that 2 minutes though. It’s absolute torture coming back up to standing position. It feels like my spine is crunching back down (which it is). It literally takes my breath away and I have to get out of this contraption like I am 100 years old. Then I basically crawl over to my bed and lay down and gasp for air and talk in a whimper. I’m sure it’s a sight to behold. April, the 33 slash 100 year old.

Day 6-10

I now use this thing 3 times a day for 3 minutes. It still feels great to stretch. Stretching is still painful but it’s a good pain. Does that make sense? My fellow dancers would understand that. Getting back up is still hell and I have learned to do it VERY slowly which does help. Sometimes,  I can hear and feel the crackling and popping in my vertebrae.

Day 11-present

2 1/2 weeks have gone by. This inversion table has become a staple in my daily life. I actually crave it at night when I can barely walk. Using this thing is like needing my daily cup of coffee. I have to do it. I have also now noticed when I get up from doing it, I am not as hunched over when walking for about an hour afterward. I actually feel like my posture improves although only for a short amount of time before I slump back into my Hunchback of Notre Dame position. The pain is still there when I come off the table and I haven’t really noticed any decrease in my daily pain. But…. I can handle pain. Even a 2-3 degree difference will make this all worth it.

My kids definitely think it’s entertaining. Nicky will run up to my face that hangs two inches from the floor and try to gouge my eyes out while laughing. He knows I am stuck in a compromising position and takes full advantage of that. He’s such a smart boy.

Thank you again to everyone who follows and subscribes to this blog! It doesn’t go unappreciated! If you are new here, make sure to read my initial post for details about my story.

Side view
Rib cage problems


See how uneven they are?!
Oh hey, just hanging out.
Neil stop taking pictures, enough!

4 thoughts on “To invert or not invert? That is the question…

  1. This isn’t about scoliosis, but do you use the instyler max for those nice curls? Please have your husband post about your recover since we probably wont be hearing from you so much while you are recooperating.


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