A Much Needed Update

Hey you guys!

I feel terrible not hopping on here and updating all of you. We have had quite a few obstacles in regards to Emma and me. I wrote a much needed post up on my fashion and lifestyle site, Champagne Colored Glasses , for Scoliosis Awareness Month. This will be the first time I share old pictures to those followers as well.

I am currently in the process of migrating all Scolimom posts over to CCG and will have them placed on a special Scolimom page dedicated to scoliosis. I am hoping by doing so, it will allow me an easier way to write more updates and in turn, make my life less chaotic! It also gives those new followers I have who have contacted me about scoliosis, to gain access to my fashion posts as well as important Scolimom posts.

Please hop on over to CCG, the link is above, and check out my newest post. It will have my backstory, so for those of you who have followed me here and know EVERYTHING, will get a refresher course as well as an update.

Thank you all of you, truly.

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