Cherished Photos

A picture tells a story just as well as, if not better than, a lot of written words. My house is surrounded with pictures of our family, the kids, and Neil and me. I use our photos as artwork on the walls maybe more than I should. However, walking by them each day makes me smile. I also felt it was important to do a family shoot before surgery. Who knows when I will feel up to doing pictures again.

Our last 3 family photo shoots were taken by Tara Marie Photography. This time the location was Alviso Adobe Park.  I honestly don’t know how she does it. We left there thinking the whole session was a colossal disaster. Will was screaming and running away and Nick didn’t want to be held. Emma is in the stage of making these weird smiles and then there’s my pre-teen Laura, who doesn’t even want to smile. It a huge ordeal which ends with me sweating my ass off in the car with a headache afterward. But somehow, someway, the pictures turn out amazing and beautiful. I really have to hand it to her, you wouldn’t know from these pictures how horrible the session went.

We are Tara Marie Photography clients for life. At this point, my husband says I only have room on my ceiling for pictures. Literally, my home is a shrine to Tara’s photos of our family. She just captures the love and happiness in every single one. When I look at these pictures, I forget completely about what I look like under that dress and the deformity I have hidden. Somehow, I look younger and prettier as the years go by?! Fab-u-lous! Our home shows the journey Neil and I have taken together and each child along the way. Someday, our kids will be grown and Neil and I will be old and wrinkly and I am so grateful that I will have these amazing pictures to look at. I will cherish these pictures forever.




2 thoughts on “Cherished Photos

  1. Been thinking of you, the pictures are great. You WILL get through this, you’ll stumble and it won’t be pretty but you WILL do it. Your babes are precious, but you got this far dear.
    I’m the over the pond cheerleader!


  2. The pictures came out beautiful. I will be praying for you as a fellow scoliosis victim. You hide the deformity beautifully because I can’t tell it all


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