Lidocaine is crap

Wow….a month has gone by since my initial post. I don’t get as much time as I would like to write on the blog. Juggling 4 kids, a business, and a husband who works long hours etc, my hands are always full.

I had my last follow up appointment yesterday. The only other appointment I will have before surgery is my Pre OP. More X-rays were taken. Those showed 2-3 degrees worse than 4 months ago but she did say that could be the way I was standing for the X-ray. This appointment, my husband was able to make it and we had a list of questions regarding surgery for my doctor. It becomes so overwhelming. We talked about what Post OP will be like, how long I will be in the hospital, what amount of flexibility will I even have, how much can realistically be corrected etc. After I was told I would have a scar down my entire back, I broke down into tears. It wasn’t even the scar that bothered me. I think the information overload just got to me and the scar was the straw that broke the camels back.  It becomes so very real when I go to these appointments. I try to live my day to day life as normally as possible and when I am in the doctors office and have to be reminded of how serious this is, its very hard to deal with.

I also asked what I can do in the meantime for pain.  I have a very high pain tolerance but it has completely taken over my life and day to day activity. I was given 3 different prescriptions. One to help with my leg nerve pain, one pain reliever  and lidocaine cream 5% to put on the bad areas of my back with a bandage. Last night, I tried out the lidocaine cream. As my husband put it on, he kept asking if I could feel anything. Well, it didn’t do shit. I was hoping it would work at least a little better than a store bought Icy hot patch, but sadly, it did absolutely nothing. And to add to my pain, ripping the dumb bandage off this morning sucked too.  Today, I will try the Tramadol.

I will end my post today with a funny conversation that happened with my doctor’s PA, my husband and I yesterday. The PA said I would be about 2 inches taller. Thinking that would make me feel better, when in actuality, I hate being as tall as I am now! So of course I groaned and said, “Oh great”! She then preceded to say most people are ecstatic to learn of such news and of course my husband said he will love having a super model tall wife to which I told him, he will be wearing heel spacers in his shoes from then on and hiking boots!


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